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After attending Johns Hopkins University in Electrical Engineering, Willy worked as a technician and engineer at a professional recording studio in the Baltimore area.  In 1977 he moved to the San Francisco area and worked at The Sounding Board in Berkeley as a bench tech then service manager.  The Sounding Board sold and serviced Nakamichi, McIntosh and
Yamaha.  In 1979 he co founded dB Audio in Berkeley.  In 1983 he sold his interest in dB Audio and in 1984 co founded San Francisco Stereo where he worked until selling the business in 2006.  Willy worked in and maintained a full service facility in each of the stores he owned and attended all the service seminars which Yamaha, McIntosh. Tandberg, Krell, B&W/Rotel and Nakamichi offered. 

Since selling San Francisco Stereo in 2006 Willy has maintained a shop in his home and repairs selected pieces of equipment.  He owns all the necessary test equipment and setup jigs required to service Nakamichi cassette decks and stocks sufficient parts inventory to properly service the equipment he elects to repair. 

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