We replaced the standard transport in a clients 1000ZXL with the transport from a Dragon in order to reduce the wow and flutter in the 1000ZXL. The project was very successful and has created possibly the best of all Nakamichi decks.
The face of the unit is unchanged. The speed adjusteris still there but serves no function.

1000ZXL/Dragon Hybrid


whsp001003.gif whsp001002.gif whsp001002.gif whsp001002.gif whsp001002.gif
The DD drive circuit board sits behind the transport and fits below the two CPU boards hinged at the top of the unit.
Note the lack of drive belt and the two sets of coils behind the capstan shaft flywheels. The azimuth adjuster motor still fits in place.
whsp001002.gif whsp001002.gif sq_grnsm.gif
A +/- 12v power supply was added below the battery holder using the two screws which mount the blank plate to the back covering the mains switch on non US units.  No new holes were drilled in the unit.  The power supply steals power from the transformer secondary windings.