Replacement of the spooling idler tire on the BX series decks

Hints and Tips

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Unplug both the power cable and the audio cables from your cassette deck

Open the cassette door by sliding it up and forward.
Carefully remove those two screws—I usually stand the deck on its back for better access.

Now you’ve exposed the spooling mechanism.  You’ll need to remove the idler by removing the fiber washer from its hub.  Place a piece of tape over most of the fiber washer to keep it from bouncing off and into the deck—a very frustrating experience!  With the end of a small flat blade screwdriver or the end of a snap-away knife gently pry the fiber washer off the hub and remove it.  Put it somewhere where you won’t lose it!!

Now you can slip the idler off the hub.  There is a black washer under the idler which will sometimes come off with the idler.  If it does, remove it from the back of the idler and put it back on the hub.  Now you can remove the old tire from the idler and install the new tire.  Make sure the new tire is seated in place evenly around the idler and that there are no “lumps” in the tire.  Place the idler back on the hub.  Brace the underside of the hub by angling a screwdriver under the back end of the hub.  The swing arm it’s mounted on is somewhat fragile and could break off when pressing on the front.  Lick your index finger and pick up the fiber washer on the end of your finger.  Press it back on the end of the hub until you feel it seat.  Check to make sure the fiber washer is seated around the ring at the end of the hub securely. 

Plug in the power cord of the deck, turn it on and verify that fast forward, rewind and play work.  Because the motion sensor is on the take up hub the deck won’t run for very long in rewind but should run continuously in play and fast forward. 

You can now replace the backing plate.  Make sure the bottom of the plate is secured in the slots of the pins at the bottom of the transport before reinstalling the two screws. 

Replace the door, reconnect the audio cables and enjoy the music!

Motor pulley
Find the two #1 Phillips head screws at the upper corners of the black backing plate
Fiber washer
Idler with tire